Rachel stepped into an ‘in-progress’ project that was at risk of missing a key launch deadline, which was avoided with her support. We had very tight deadlines and a number of critical requirements had been missed due to hand-off of plans across [multiple] teams. She worked through the requirements gaps and established an agreed execution plan with the teams within a very short period of time. Getting this done was a clear focus from her and she helped get all teams aligned on a single plan rather than their previous separate plans.
— Alan Daly, Director, Contact Center Optimization at Autodesk

Is your organization facing a defining moment? Are you overwhelmed with what's ahead?

You can see the future.... you just aren't sure how to get there. 

Are you ready to move forward on a strategic plan or program implementation... and can't get past legacy issues and roadblocks? 

Maybe you're facing an organizational crisis, and can't move forward... but you must

Do you lack the resources to take on a new, but necessary, project?

Is it time to evolve from "just in time" reactionary management to a sustainable long-term planning process that gives you a road map for success

Let me help you create a solution based on

⦁    perceptive thinking about your challenges
⦁    building a defined path forward so YOU can see how you will get where you're going
⦁    organizing tasks and plans into doable, realistic steps to success.

Let me bring my tenacious, “can’t let it go” dedication to your organization’s challenges.
— Rachel Kertz